Stefania Tejada (1990) is a Colombian artist based in Paris, France. Her work explores the evolution of the woman’s spirit, threading nature and womanhood coming together into an unequivocal wake-up call towards reconnecting with our origins, the infinite source of life.

Her work is a journey from the vantage point of her Colombian identity opening a dialogue between cultures and ultimately transplanting the fashion world within her own land. It is a play on possibilities, reinterpreting moments in history breeding new life into established imagery. The artist creates a visual language in her paint stripping stigmatized concepts with a new meaning. A signature of her work is the piercing gaze of women staring back at the viewer, they are intended to hide as much as to reveal.

Her poetic and enigmatic scenes become metaphors that call back to nature as the source of all life and knowledge. The pieces are intended to stare at us, to haunt us, planting an inception of questions along the way through the codifying language displayed within each piece.

Tejada’s exhibitions include New York, Bogotá, London and Paris.

Marie Claire
Urban Decay Cosmetics
Lenny Letter
Silvia Tcherassi
Atelier Crump

Solo Exhibitions

2021, Wünder Womxn: The Female Figurative at Beers Gallery, London
2021, Nocturnal Gods at The Artistellar, London
2021, Territorial Beings presented by Maison Kitsuné, Paris

Group Exhibitions
2020, Benefit auction in cooperation with Sotheby’s Vienna
2019, Benefit auction pro Amazonia at La Cometa Gallery, Bogotá
2019, Every Women Biennial at LaMama Galleria, New York
2018, Ello x Creative Debuts, London
2018, Through the Eyes of the Artist, Liechtenstein National Museum
2017, Posture Magazine x Ello at Superchief Gallery, New York
2016, Trazos: Ilustrando Moda at Breve Gallery, Mexico City

2018, Residency with Smiling Gecko, Cambodia