Territorial Beings – Solo exhibition

Maison Kitsuné is pleased to welcome the exclusive exhibition Territorial Beings by Paris-based painter Stefania Tejada.

Artist Stefania Tejada immerses us into the journey of Maison’s Kitsuné’s emblematic world. Through exuberant visual tales of shapeshifting and transformation we witness the power of nature and humanity coming together into an unequivocal wake-up call towards reconnecting with our wildlife and our wild selves. 

The 8 pieces that constitute the show “Territorial Beings” are meant to open a dialogue between cultures and ultimately transplanting the brand’s beliefs within the artist’s own land. Her work is a play on possibilities, reinterpreting moments and breeding new life into established imagery. As a signature of her work, the portraits gaze back at the viewer, they stared, they hunt, and they intend to hide as much as to reveal. “Catch me if you can” says the shapeshifter.

Her poetic and enigmatic scenes become beautifully complex metaphors that call back to nature as the source of all life and knowledge. Trust her and you will never be lost. In a way, she asks all women and men to step out of the established shadow into a new world, a better world where self-discovery is mandatory.

Born in 1990 in Colombia, Stefania explores the evolution of the female spirit and the rediscovery of women’s strengths, power and wisdom. The strong personalities and the vibrant colours come from her Latin American origins, showcasing the complexity and mystery of her cultural background. She feels a strong connection and respect towards artists Rousseau, Dalí and Gauguin whose masterpieces have inspired her work through the years.

Tejada has lived in Colombia, Mexico, US, Spain and France. As a committed traveler and constant re-locator, she is often collecting seeds of inspiration that later bloom into her creative projects. Raising awareness towards the subjects of Women’s rights and our environmental crisis is fundamental in her body of work as an artist, an activist and a woman.

Discover Territorial Beings at Maison Kitsuné Filles du Calvaire from March 1st until March 28th 2021. 

We are all filled with a longing for the wild, 2021
Digital illustration on paper
40 x 32 cm

Play it as it lays, 2021
Digital illustration on paper
37,5 x 30 cm

It’s a woman’s world, 2021
Digital illustration on paper
40 x 32 cm