Stefania Tejada is a contemporary artist whose work speaks to the strength, resilience, and power of modern women. Influenced by artists such as of Frida Kahlo, Henri Rousseau, and Paul Gauguin, Stefania's art is a reflection of her Colombian heritage as a Latin American woman, drawing inspiration from her personal history and her homeland.

Tejada’s vibrantly colored compositions remind us of the natural, instinctive force that connects us to the elements and the cycles of life. Her art explores the concept of power and evolution of the Wild Woman archetype among all variations of the female gender.

Through her art, Stefania breaks down societal limitations imposed on women, creating a new narrative of courage. Her paintings are a celebration of the warrior spirit of women throughout history, reflecting her cultural and family background. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries worldwide, and she has collaborated with prestigious brands and editorials such as Cartier, Vogue, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Samsung, and Marie Claire. Tejada’s art is a powerful tribute to the transformative power of art and its ability to inspire change.

Solo Exhibitions

2022, The Almighty Feminine at Galerie Virginie Louvet, Paris
2021, Wünder Womxn: The Female Figurative at Beers Gallery, London
2021, Nocturnal Gods at The Artistellar, London
2021, Territorial Beings presented by Maison Kitsuné, Paris

Group Exhibitions
2022, Macondo, Colombian Imageries at Casa AmaCord, London
2020, Benefit auction in cooperation with Sotheby’s Vienna
2019, Benefit auction pro Amazonia at La Cometa Gallery, Bogotá
2019, Every Women Biennial at LaMama Galleria, New York
2018, Ello x Creative Debuts, London
2018, Through the Eyes of the Artist, Liechtenstein National Museum
2017, Posture Magazine x Ello at Superchief Gallery, New York
2016, Trazos: Ilustrando Moda at Breve Gallery, Mexico City

2018, Residency with Smiling Gecko, Cambodia