Stefania Tejada is a contemporary artist whose work speaks to the strength, resilience, and power of modern women. Her work is a reflection of her Colombian heritage as a Latin American woman, drawing inspiration from her personal history.

Tejada’s vibrantly colored compositions depict female figures always in the foreground and at the center of her composition—most often looking the viewer straight in the eye. In the background, lives a multiplicity of lush vegetation. The artist creates a symphony of cultural, and geographical references where a diversity of natural elements hold great symbolism.

The wilderness also symbolises the rawness of human beings. Her women are ‘unleashed’, ‘undomesticated’ and ‘untamed’ reverting back to a natural state; going beyond canonical and patriarchal tales of the connection between women and nature.

Tejada’s work celebrates the multiplicity of the feminine; giving substance to her feminist visions. But most fundamentally, Tejada’s images are about the experience of being a woman in and from Latin America. She honors diversity, humanity, and cultural heritage. At the intersection of race, class, and gender, Tejada aspires to convey all aspects of the female experience.

Tejada is represented by MtArt Agency.