Atelier Crump
Textile Design Collaboration
2017 - 2023
Since 2017, the artist has been engaging in a prolific and transformative collaboration with Atelier Crump, a Colombian fashion brand celebrated for its tailored women’s suits designed for the contemporary woman.

Their inaugural partnership birthed the “Anthuriums” print, an emblematic design that swiftly ascended to become one of the brand’s best-selling items, significantly featured in the “Nostalgia de la Luz” collection unveiled at Colombiamoda in Medellin. This print, lush and vibrant, encapsulates the essence of the brand while intertwining with Tejada’s unique visual language.



Their second collaboration, titled "Monte de Venus," takes a bold and empowering direction, encapsulating the wild femininity through the portrayal of the female organ with wild flowers, making a profound statement on the celebration of womanhood.

Monte de Venus

Their latest venture, the “Astro Print” for the “Navegantes” collection, sees Tejada exploring the cosmic dance of constellations such as Hydra and Pegasus, translating them into a floral fantasia. 


Each collaboration serves as a testament to the synergy between Atelier Crump’s sartorial elegance and Tejada’s lush, evocative artistry, resulting in pieces that are not just garments but narratives woven into the fabric of contemporary fashion.