Pasha Generation, 2020
C3 PR Agency 
Embarking on a transcendent collaboration with Cartier, alongside the perceptive writer Vanessa Rosales, the artist delved deep into the vibrant tapestry of Colombia to spotlight and illustrate the "game changers" of our time, representative of the esteemed Pasha Generation of Cartier.

Through intimate conversations led by Vanessa, we unraveled the stories, desires, and unique worlds of these remarkable figures, which I then translated into symbolic digital illustrations. Each portrait is a meticulous amalgamation of their personal narratives and the indomitable spirit of the Pasha Generation, culminating in a collection of visual statements that not only reflect their individual journeys and contributions to society but also capture the essence of their influential presence in Colombia. This project is a testament to the power of collaborative storytelling and artistic interpretation, as we celebrate the game changers of Colombia through the lens of Cartier's legacy and the expressive medium of digital illustration.

Natalia Montero

Ana Beliza Mercado
Fashion Influencer

Toya Montoya
Model and Activist

Maria Wills
Art Curator

Cristina Vera
Founder Verdi Design