Masterpiece Campaign
Blitzworks Agency
"Masterpiece" stands out as a vivid and innovative advertising campaign by Coca-Cola, drawing its essence from the "Real Magic" brand platform. The campaign seamlessly blends art, animation, and AI technology to craft a narrative that underscores the uplifting and refreshing essence of the brand.

Natural Encounters, 2020
Digital Painting
"Natural Encounters," conceived in 2020, presents a profound tableau, unraveling the artist's interpretation of Eve, the quintessential figure from "The Book of Genesis," and her intricate symbiosis with the land. Here, Eve is depicted reposed amidst a lush valley, enveloped by the palm trees of Armenia —a deliberate nod to the fertile terrains of Colombia, renowned for its exquisite coffee cultivation and agriculture. In her serene repose, Eve becomes a powerful emblem, not just of the biblical narrative, but also of the resilient women who grace this region.

This piece delves into the profound energies unleashed when harmony is struck between living beings and the land they inhabit. It speaks to the empowerment of women as nurturers and custodians of the earth, highlighting the prosperity and abundance that ensue when nature is approached with reverence and care. In this artistic endeavor, the concept of liberty is explored and celebrated in its most unbridled form.

For the “Masterpiece” campaign, Eve is vivaciously brought to life, a transformation made possible through the inspiration drawn from a formidable figure who has significantly influenced the artist's work over the preceding year. This individual, Akima, embodies the indomitable spirit and grace of an Amazon, serving as the living muse and personification of Eve in this contemporary reimagining. Her presence in the artwork adds a layer of depth and authenticity, breathing life into the piece and reinforcing its thematic resonance.