In my work I explore the relation between woman, photography and her role in today’s society. The way a woman owns her identity, her cultural background and her beliefs. 

My latest series “Venus” aims to reflect today’s changing culture, where women are confronting the world, wanting to be heard and seen, not as an immediate sight, but as experience and a promise of change for future generations.

        Print Design
        Brands & Magazines

I’m an illustrator and art director from Colombia.

This website contains selected pieces of my personal
and professional work since 2014.

Clients include: Tumblr, Facebook, Atelier Crump, Bakarian Studio, Lenny Letter,
Urban Decay Cosmetics, Bossa Concept, Lost & Found Market,
Ana Lucia Bermudez, Loopzu, among others.

For greetings, small or pro-scale jobs, please contact me here:


Ello X Creative Debuts, London.
Artists for Smiling Gecko project presentation at the Liechtenstein National Museum.

"Posture Magazine: The Infamous Issue" at SuperChief Gallery, New York.

"Trazos: Ilustrando moda" at Galería Breve, México.

"MalEntendidos" at Galería Leun'un Arte Habitación, México.

"Modus Operandi", Colombia.


Postgraduate. Creation and Management of Fashion Brands. BAU, Barcelona. Spain.

BA. Fashion Design, LaSalle College, Colombia (2012) – México (2014)

Courses & Workshops

Copywriting & Storytelling with Neil French, El Dorado Festival, Colombia (2016)

Solve a brief in 48 hours with The Pop Up Agency, El Dorado Festival, Colombia (2016)

Photography, Marco Museum, México (2015)

Social Media with Octavio Regalado, México (2014)

Editorial Design, LaSalle College, México (2014)

Visual Merchandising, LaSalle College, México (2014)

Illustration and Concepts with Felipe Bedoya (2012)

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