Marie Claire

“La Triomphante” by Léonora Miano Issue 820

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Collaborating with Marie Claire France, the artist unveils a visually enchanting interpretation of a tale penned by the iconic Leonora Miano. Immersed in the otherworldly realm inhabited by “The Powerful”—a congregation of women goddesses, the artist brings to life a transcendent Garden of Eden. Here, she intricately depicts the goddesses of life, death, earth, sun, seasonal renewal, human creation, fertility, sensuality, beauty, and feminine divinity. Each goddess is meticulously adorned in Alexander McQueen, their feet graced by Maison Margiela shoes, intertwining high fashion with ethereal elegance. Inspired by Miano's potent prose, the artist crafts a visual ode to female power, seamlessly blending mythological grandeur with contemporary couture.

Garments by
Alexander McQueen

Garments by
Marine Serre and A.W.A.K.E