International Family Day, 2021
The artist was invited by Samsung to explore and visualize the profound concept of family, alongside two other artists. Her artwork, “Therefore I am,” is a vibrant and heartwarming digital painting that intricately weaves together the threads of memories and emotions.

The artwork stands as a testament to the resilience, empathy, and unwavering support found within the bonds of family, portraying a moment frozen in time where loved ones gather around a table, sharing in the joy of togetherness. The artwork was shared on an international scale, displayed in major cities including Times Square in New York, Circus Piccadilly in London, and Duomo di Milano in Milan, allowing her personal exploration of family to resonate with global audiences.

New York



This project not only highlights Tejada’s skill in digital illustration but also underscores her ability to infuse her works with deep emotional undertones, inviting viewers to reflect on their own definitions of family and the impact of these bonds on their lives.