The Almighty Feminine

September 12 – October 12, 2022
Galerie Virginie Louvet, Paris

In an effort to erase the frontier that separates men and women, to allow for new possibilities, to overthrow the established order, to show new realities, and to renew with the poetics of the living, Stefania Tejada paints women of the 21st century through seizing portraits that emphasize on power rather than vulnerability. «Looking at my women, I see contemporary Amazons, I see all the women who have pathed the way to freedom and strength. I feel the power in their eyes, encouraging us to move forward, to fight, to find the wild side of our beings, to feel everything.»

Raya, Akima, Maria, each of them embodies femininity in all its magic, its nuances and subtleties. They symbolize this wild woman at the heart of the artist’s work, a woman Clarissa Pinkola Estés describes so well in her book Women who run the wolves, a milestone in the contemporary evolution of female identity. These strong personalities sweep away society’s limitations and break down the reductive mold of roles we are assigned at birth. «As human beings, we are all part of a creative energy. We don’t need to be put in boxes, our feelings tell a story, they make for a unique experience.»

Through her vibrantly colored compositions, the Colombian artist reminds the world that being a woman comes with a monumental, natural, and instinctive force that connects her to the elements, to the nourishing earth, and to the cycles of the moon. As a true therapy for the soul, her transformative power, in tune with Nature and in deep search for equality, must be celebrated to create more empathy and sorority among all variations of the female gender. «I grew up surrounded by the archetype of the warrior woman, and while it wasn’t easy, it says a lot about the person I am today. I paint the warrior spirits of my sister, my mother, and my grandmothers. I paint a generation of fighters that reflects my cultural and family background.»

Through her formative years, Stefania was fascinated by the imagery of Eve, the snake and the apple. Today, she seeks to deconstruct the emotions, the deep essence of women, both in spirit and through symbolism, with visual elements that borrow from fauna, flora, but also from our historical heritage. As a vibrant tribute, her paintings call to find the part of femininity that carries vitality and generosity by immersing the viewer in an ode to wild life.

I’ve Been Too Many Women
164 x 114 cm
Oil on linen

A Familiar Sentiment
100 x 100 cm
Oil on linen
Private Collection

Manifesto of an Amazon
150 x 150 cm
Oil on linen

Good Girl
100 x 80 cm
Oil on linen

God’s Dream
162 x 130 cm
Oil on linen