WePresent x Outernet London
Profile Presentation, 2022
In an unprecedented collaboration between Outernet London and WePresent, the digital arts platform of WeTransfer, my work finds a resplendent home amidst the high-definition wraparound screens of the world's most digitally advanced immersive space. "God is a Woman," a powerful rendition of the female form and spirit, stands proud among the creations of ten talented artists, collectively embodying a spectrum of artistic vision and mastery.

As the artwork graces the 360-degree 8K screens of The Now Building and Now Trending spaces in Outernet London, it transforms into a monumental celebration of womanhood, power, and artistic liberation. This presentation is a testament to the potency of creative collaboration, bringing together the cultural prowess of WePresent and the innovative spirit of Outernet London to create a visual spectacle that immerses the public in a world of art, diversity, and inspiration. The initiative underscores the significance of making culture a part of everyday life, ensuring that powerful creative projects are not confined to galleries and museums but are instead shared with the wider audience of one of the world’s most creative districts. This initiative not only showcases the versatility of digital art in a global context but also affirms my place in the contemporary art world, bridging continents and cultures through the universal language of creativity.